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“I’m Carly Holmes, and I live and write on the west coast of Wales. The village I call home is on an estuary, haunted day and night by the call of the birds whose names I never remember but whose cries I wouldn’t be without. They provide the soundtrack to my writing hours.

When I’m not writing, worrying about writing, or worrying about not writing, I watch my hedge sparrows feed on the sultanas I gift them every day, and I worry that my striped and indolent cat will, in his turn, feed on them. I’m a natural worrier.

My debut novel, The Scrapbook, is published by Parthian in hardback (April 2014) and in paperback (May 2015). I hope you’ll like it.

When I first saw you, I had the sun in my eyes. You shone around the edges, a fireball of a man. In the moments it took me to focus on your centre, I’d absorbed you completely.

I re-made myself in tune to your blinks, your frowns, your glances away from me and then back. I read your needs as they soared across your face, and I carved myself anew again and again…

The Scrapbook was shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award in June 2015.